We currently have two great offers with Kindle Elite that our affiliates can promote!

The first is the Kindle Elite Membership Program, which is a step by step training system packed with templates, pdf's and videos that teaches our members how to make money online with Kindle Publishing!

The second is the Kindle Elite Premium Program, which expands the training our members have received in the basic membership program and offers in depth training on creating, publishing and promoting Kindle eBooks…and turning your publishing into a viable business.

Both of our offers have upsells and our affiliates earn 50% commission for their referrels. Specific product details are listed below and you can find your own personal Kindle Elite Affiliate ID on your affiliate account after login.

Salespage URL: http://www.kindleelite.com

Product Name: Kindle Elite Membership Program

Product Price: $67

Exit Price: $7 one week trial, full price renewal

Upsell #1: Kindle Elite Premium Membership, $67 per month

Upsell #2: Broke to Bestseller in 24 hours Program, $17

Upsell #3: Complete "Done for You" eBook Experience, $399

Affiliate Earnings: 50% Commissions

Salespage URL: http://www.kindleelite.com/premium-membership

Product Name: Kindle Elite Premium Membership Program

Product Price: $67 per month

Upsell #1: Kindle Elite Standard Membership Program, $67

Upsell #2: Broke to Bestseller in 24 hours Program, $17

Upsell #3: Complete "Done for You" eBook Experience, $399

Affiliate Earnings: 50% Commissions

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Kindle Elite Email Swipe #1

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Kindle Elite Email Swipe #2


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Followup To Kindle Elite Email Swipe #2


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Kindle Elite Email Swipe #3


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Kindle Elite Email Swipe #4


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Kindle Elite Autoresponder Email #1


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Kindle Elite Autoresponder Email #2


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Kindle Elite "Broke to Bestseller in 24 hours" Program Email Swipe #1:


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Kindle Elite "Broke to Bestseller in 24 hours" Program Email Swipe #2:


Subject: Write a Book in Less Than 24 Hours….For Real! Hey there, Hope all is well with you today! Today I am about to give you a secret and highly-effective Writing Blueprint. What’s that all about, you may ask? Simple: I will show you step-by-step how you can write a high-quality book within 24 hours, even if you don’t have any experience! I know, it sounds crazy but I have proof to back it up… James St John has written several best-selling books in in the last few years, and has made thousands and thousands of dollars in the process. Now he wants to show you how you can easily copy his super easy results… even if you are not a “writer” (in fact, this will work for you really well if you have never written a single word before). James has created a comprehensive and step-by-step course called “Broke to Bestseller in 24 hours.” Get the full scoop by clicking the link below… => http://XXX.easyseo.hop.clickbank.net Broke to Bestseller in 24 hours consists of several “do this, do that” videos that will take you by the hand and show you the whole process and a slew of detailed PDFs to reinforce the lessons. SO much value that your mind will be BLOWN. I can guarantee that! And for those who might think that the process of writing your book within24 hours might be complicated, let me tell you something: not at all! James created this exclusive program in a way that there’s no way you can fail (assuming you are following his advice to the letter, of course.) Don’t delay and get it NOW. You won’t regret it! => http://XXX.easyseo.hop.clickbank.net Thanks for reading and talk soon! {Insert Name Here}


These are several professionally designed banners that you can use in your marketing, in your emails or you can add these to your websites. All you will need to do is copy and paste the following codes and replace the XXX with your personal Kindle Elite Affiliate ID.















These are some professionally designed graphics and covers that you can use in your marketing, emails and to put on your websites. All you will need to do is copy and paste the following codes and replace the XXX in the affiliate link with your personal Kindle Elite Affiliate ID.



If there's anything that YOU need… don't hesitate to contact us.

We are always here to help our affiliates as much as possible and we are more than willing to work with you to help make promoting the Kindle Elite programs as successful as possible for both of us. We've already provided with with so much great material to promote Kindle Elite, but if you find that you need anything else or have questions, you can contact us through our support page at any time.

We can't wait to work with you!




Own a blog? Use these Blog Reviews to promote Kindle Elite

Blog Review 1

Hey there,

I was laid off last year because of company downsizing. It was very sudden and I was not prepared for it! I had always assumed, incorrectly, that my job and position with the company was very secure. In spite of other company layoffs, I  thought I would be safe. After all, I had years of experience and I brought in substantial deals for the company. I was also a mentor to many of the up and coming associates. But it was not enough to save my job in the end and I was cut…

I thought that finding another job would not be very difficult with my experience, but I found that I wasn't called back for as many interviews as I expected. When I did get the opportunity for an interview, I found myself competing for a position with fresh graduates willing to start out for pennies compared to my previous salary. No one wanted to offer me what my experience was worth and several even suggested that I start with unpaid internships and work my way up again!

I felt more depressed every day and I felt desperate. Just when I thought nothing could turn around for the better, I stumbled upon Kindle Elite as I was researching alternative ways to make income online.

I did a little research on the system and I was so impressed that I signed up the very next day. I never sent out any more job applications or went on another job interview…

So why is this program so amazing? First of all, anyone can do it…no seriously, anyone at all. You don't even have to be a writer to start using the Kindle Elite system immediately. I had only ever written reports and sales projections before discovery Kindle Elite and within a week of starting the program, I had my first book ready to publish!

You don't need any special training or skills (outside of using the basics of a computer) to do this program for yourself.

If you think publishing a Kindle eBook isn't going to make you very much money or justify the cost of the program, look at this example… If you have just one $2.99 ebook published and you are making 10 ebook sales a day (a reasonable number, right?), then you are averaging a profit of $2.09 per sale. That adds up to $628.00 per month, just with one book. Now imagine what you can make if you have 5 eBooks selling…you can create a genuine income for yourself each month…and it's completely passive! I simply had to do the effort of writing, publishing and promoting my first eBook (with step by step instruction from Kindle Elite) and then that book started making money within the first month of being published. 1 year later, it is still making a nice profit every month. And I've since published 27 additional eBooks! I am making way more now per month than I did even when I had my cushy corporate job! This year, I hit the six figure mark for my yearly income…and thanks to Kindle Elite.


In the Kindle Elite program, I was shown exactly how to brainstorm and write a book, outsource writing and cover design, publish to the Kindle Store and promote my eBook in many ways online. Just the promotional tools alone make this program worth it. This system doesn't just tell you what to do, they give specific examples and websites, along with exact messages to use to promote your book after publishing.

I expected this to be really hard, but it wasn't. That's not to say I didn't put any effort in…I had ideas and I wrote the first few books myself. And the promotion requires attention to detail and actually following the Kindle Elite program… but I saw amazing results that I never expected to see when I started this journey…money pouring into my bank account each month. And it just kept increasing with each eBook I published when I followed the Kindle Elite method!

I've shared my story with you and how I stumbled upon this great program, but Kindle Elite is not just for those who are out of work looking for a full time job. This system will work for anyone, whether you want to do it full time or just on the side. I've recommended this to many friends and former co-workers and even my own mother. She's a published author now, too, and is busy working on her second novel!

This system is tailored for anyone who truly wants to make a real income online. There aren't any gimmicks or "get rich quick" schemes here; just honest strategies and step by step guides on what to do to make your dreams a reality.

When I signed up, I was struck by how much I was getting for the small price that I paid for the system. With just one purchase, I really had everything I needed to write my first ebook. I was so surprised! They said I would be able to publish my own eBook and start making money in the first month, but you know how online claims go…so I took it with a grain of salt and low expectations. Imagine my surprise when this product over delivered!

I owe my current publishing success to Kindle Elite and this is an avenue I never would have explored if not for finding and purchasing this amazing system. Who knows, one year later, I might have still been broke and out of work, competing with college grads for internships. Instead, I can proudly say I am a published author and I'm truly making a living (and thriving) with the Kindle Elite system…and it's only going to grow!

So go get your Kindle Elite system now, and take control of your own monthly paycheck!




Blog Review 2

This system changed my life, really.

I was introduced to Kindle Elite by my friend Sarah, who was working at a temp agency with me. I had bounced around after college in temporary office jobs and always found myself behind a desk, filing forms and transcribing other people's words. I had always planned to quit after a year, but 5 years later, I was still at it, wanting to quit but not having a backup plan or any savings to fall back on. I had always been a writer in high school and college, but that tapered off after graduation because the last thing I wanted to do after getting home from my desk job was sit down and write some more…but I always had ideas floating around in the back of my head. So when Sarah asked me if I had ever heard of Kindle Elite, it piqued my interest…

She told me that it was an online system that would show you exactly how to write and publish your own ebooks. I told her that sounded great, but when was I supposed to find the time to actually write anything, much less publish an entire book? She told me that her brother had done it and already had two eBooks published…within only 3 months of signing up. I decided to go look it up and see what she was raving about…

I was skeptical going in, but the Kindle Elite website changed my mind. I don't know what kind of offers they have now, but I got the entire system for a great price, considering the value I discovered after signing up. I never thought I could actually make money by writing anything, but this program changed my mind, and how!

See, my passion was always to write a novel. I've always been inspired by the great women who write thrillers and murder mysteries and my desire was to be one of them. I figured that Kindle Elite was going to be a flimsy program that didn't cover much on writing anything as big as a novel, but I was wrong. They have material and lessons for how to publish everything, including novels. And not just how to do it, but how to streamline the writing process, help you plan out your characters and stay on point with your plotlines throughout the story. That was a huge help to me, as I tended to ramble when I first started writing! I'm happy to say that 6 months after signing up for the Kindle Elite program, I published my first book, a thriller novel with a plucky heroine…what I've always dreamed of doing.

I started out slow, writing after work and adding more material when I could. Then I picked up momentum, writing on my lunch breaks and in the morning on the train heading into work. I followed the Kindle Elite system exactly and within a short amount of time, I had a finished book!


I've had such great success with that first novel, I'm currently working on the sequel. With all the positive feedback, I've already got a built in audience waiting for the follow up and Kindle Elite has shown me exactly how to market this next book and make instant profits. And that's in addition to the crazy success I've already seen with my first eBook.

I have to give all the credit to Kindle Elite for showing me exactly how to use this system and genuinely get published quickly. Everyone thinks they can write an eBook, but the reality is that you need a system to follow if you have any hope of actually making money with it. I'm so happy I found a system that works and finally made a dream come true for myself by publishing this book.

I could have maybe published it myself and watched it sit in the Kindle Store, not doing anything or making money. Kindle Elite taught me exactly how to market and promote my book online in so many ways and a lot of my early traffic and success came directly from these sources. Now the book is so well reviewed on Amazon, people find it naturally with very little promotion on my part…so I'm basically making money on autopilot at this point. It's given me a lot of extra time to write my next book!

I haven't quite my job yet, but I could have already. I'm waiting for a solid year before taking this full time, just to be smart. But let me tell you, I'm already making so much more each month with my one eBook that I get on my monthly paycheck from work. That's so exciting! A few more months to go, and I'll be a full time author, making a full time income with Kindle publishing!

If you're looking for a genuine program to make you money online, this is it people. It worked for me, a stressed out, overworked temp who had no clue how to start writing a book, so I'm pretty sure it can work for anyone! Good luck!




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